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Inge Halliday sitting the trot

Inge Halliday sitting the trot

Classical English Riding Instructor Inge Halliday brings together old world knowledge of horsemanship and current practices of higher consciousness horse care. As an instructor she is very patient, encouraging, and clear. She is a locally praised instructor in the art of horse riding. Inge lives and works in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. She specializes in teaching adults and children from a holistic and spiritual perspective. Inge can help you to gain inner strength and energy to connect with and ride a horse competently. This is when the fun really begins!

A recent testimonial:

“ I Really want to thank you for the incredible experience today. The amazing metaphors that came through for me from the experience have continued to reveal themselves all afternoon! Such healing  & beautiful work you do with the horses! I look forward to continuing the journey on my next stay here. Thank you! xx”


Marin County, California

1.5 hr Session


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Inge Halliday and Apache









This is meant as a mostly unmounted Horsewomanship class to get you used to even being around horses. There will be a chance for anyone who wants to to try riding a little as well.

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